A Knotty Fashion Trend!


Everywhere you look you see women with their shirts knotted. This trend has been around for a few years but this isn't just a recent trend. It actually started back in the 90's. Does anyone remember what some of the fashion trends were back then? Do you remember plaid flannel shirts, band t-shirts, crop tops and neon track suits?! I'm pretty sure my mom dressed me in those neon track suits. "Mom, what were you thinking!" 

It seems like fashion trends always come back around. Thankfully, so far we've skipped the neon track suits. One trend which I love is knotting my shirts. Anytime I have a shirt that fits oversized I knot it on the side for a more flattering look. Not only does this help your shirt to fit you better but it accentuates your waist and elongates your legs. Holla! I'll take that. This 5'2 short girl can use all the help she can get. 


Below are 3 easy steps on how to tie a knot in your shirt. 

1. Grab and pull the fabric away from your body where you want your knot to be. 
2.Twist the fabric around until it's ready to be tied in a knot. 
3. While holding the twisted fabric with one hand take your opposite hand and hold at the base of your knot closest to your body. Wrap it around your finger and tuck it into the other side so it stays in place. 

 If your more of a visual learner like me click the link below for a quick and easy to follow video. :)


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