Rolling with the shorties!

Man these last couple weeks have been crazy busy around here. Not long after spring break Averie and I went on a girls trip with my stepmom to visit family and to a baby shower. I ended up going shopping to find outfits for myself and Averie for the baby shower and something I discovered was how difficult it is to find clothes that fit well. Whether it's finding shirts that fit or jeans that are long enough shopping can be difficult. 

We ordered jeans for the boutique and they arrived last week. They are nothing short of amazing! They are super comfortable and have just the right amount of stretch. One thing I've noticed is most jeans only come in 1 inseam length. So that means if your a short girl like me you have to get creative. Throughout the years I've learned to roll and cuff my jeans at the bottom to create different looks. 

Below are a couple different ways I roll my jeans. 

Skinny Cuff - This is my go to way to cuff my jeans especially when it's colder out. You can roll your jeans up to an inch a couple times. They should hit near your ankle. For us shorties this will help to elongate your legs. 

Wide Cuff - This is another one of my favorites and I do this a lot to turn my skinny jeans into capris. You want to roll your jeans up to 2 inches twice. Make sure you make them even for each leg and smooth out any areas that may have gotten stuck. Depending on how stretchy your jeans are you can roll them 1 or 2 more times to get the desired length. 

I hope these tips helped. Feel free to leave a comment. :)

 - Beth :)


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